525 West 120th Street, Box 305
  Thompson Hall, Room 133
  New York, NY 10027-6696
  Phone: 212-678-3056
  Email: bursar@tc.columbia.edu


Important Information:

Parents/Authorized Users can only get access if granted by student.

The student is also the only person who can reset a Parent/Authorized user password, if lost or forgotten.

Important Numbers

CASHNet Customer Support (8AM-6PM PST/PDT)     (800)339-8131    Office of the Bursar                (212)678-3056
TC General Telephone (212)678-3000 Office of the Registrar (212)678-4050
The Gottesman Libraries (212)678-3494 Admission's Office (212)678-3710
Office of Insurance and Immunization Records (212)678-3006 Office of International Services (212)678-3939
Office of Campus Safety and Security (212)678-3333 Office of Residential Services (212)678-3235
Office of Student Development and Activities (212)678-3690 Office of Financial Aid (212)678-3714