Tuition eBill/ePayment Site

Tuition eBill/ePayment Site


The Tuition eBill/ePayment Site is a secure website where Authorized Payers can view and print their student’s tuition eBill, and make an ePayment with an Electronic Check, credit card, or pay using a foreign currency.

Logging in for the first time and don't have the email with your login name and temporary password?  Contact your student to reset the password.  The Bursar's Office does not have access to your password.
> Create a “secret question” which you can use to reset your password if you forget it.

Having login problems?  Please read the following tips:
• Is your Web browser pop-up blocker turned OFF?
• Use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
• Was your password reset?  HINT! When prompted to create a new password, enter the temporary password (which is in the password reset email notification) in the "Old Password" field.
• Forgot your Authorized Payer name?  Contact your student or the Bursar's Office. 
• You cannot log into this account using your UW Housing Authorized Payer login.

• Login name and password are case-sensitive; is your CAP LOCK on?

More information and FAQS at

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